Zimbo Fisher and Nick Soap are snooping on who it is better to stay away from

Zimbo Fisher, the walking, talking windbreaker who coached Texas A&M, has been dominating the traditional powerhouses of college football for years, bringing him into the top recruiting class of 2022. Because Fisher’s appointment conflicts with the coup game that allows players to pay using their names, pictures and similes, traditional powerhouses are dissatisfied with the shaking situation, and Alabama coach Nick Saban persuaded Fisher earlier this week to persuade Fisher to do dramatic things on Thursday.

Let’s start with soap first. Speaking at a news conference ahead of this summer’s World Games with English-language powerhouse Nate Oats, Soap apparently brought warmth to everyone after reading a newspaper. Dion Sanders’ Jackson State has brought in Travis Hunter, the best recruit in the country: Was on paper. They brag about it. No one did anything about it. ” Miami booster John Ruiz talks about paying for a big NIL deal to transfer players: “These guys are going to Miami to play basketball for $ 400,000.” The guy tells you how he’s doing it. But the NCAA cannot enforce their rules because it is not against the law. And that’s a problem. That’s a problem. I don’t know what we’re going to do about it until we find something that protects them. “

Soap saved his harsh criticism for Fisher. “We were second in recruitment last year,” Saban said. “A&M was the first. A&M has bought every player on their team. Made a deal for names, images and similes. We didn’t buy a single player. I don’t know if we will be able to maintain it in the future because more and more people are doing it. ”

It’s hard to believe that Alabama has had a powerful recruiting force for more than a decade that has not been involved in anything shady, causing intense resentment for a soap man who is better off for a moment in twisting the rules than in being a bit confusing. Has he never heard of the interaction between stone and glass in that old chest? If you want to believe that Soap is playing a game and trying to draw attention to the NIL market and accelerate some kind of regulatory action, it is still a dangerous one.

In fact, Fisher rose to the soap challenge and unloaded the Alabama coach. Fisher called a press conference Thursday morning specifically to respond to the soap and to hint at some illegal transactions, in an insanely indefinite manner, with the harsh charisma and joy of a stern uncle criticizing your parking work. Here is the video of the pressure, which begins with a full nine minutes of silence before Fisher Mike arrives. Fisher, who was an assistant under Soap, said of his former boss, “Some people think they are God. Examine how God made his covenant, you can learn a lot that you do not want to know. We made him the jar of college football. Dig into his past. “

This is not the first time Fisher has raised this particular flag. Soap and Lane Kiffin expressed frustration with A & M’s class on National Signature Day, which they both said Fisher was able to sign thanks to in the midst of a huge NIL battle. Their comments forced Fisher to defend his appointment, mostly saying it was insulting that his players came to play for them because they were paid for their labor and warned his teammates not to blow up the whole scandal for everyone. He focused mostly on a rumor about NIL-related shenanigans started by forum users. Author’s pseudonym Slicedbread, which is quite embarrassing for a coach to address in public, especially since Fisher’s message was almost clear for caffeine and soap. Stop talking about the rules we’re all bowing to.

Theatrics are good here যথেষ্ট good enough for that Fools compare it For the Amber Hard-Johnny Depp trial যদিও although I think it’s worth stepping back from Blaster to understand exactly what these guys are arguing about. Soap’s position is that players shouldn’t make money playing football for him, a person who earns .5 9.5 million a year, and actually paying players would lead to the elimination of college games. According to Fischer, the NIL agreement has nothing to do with recruitment, the ability to capitalize (pick) one’s labor is incidental to where one chooses to play football. Both are straightforwardly ridiculous, and the barbs thrown during soap vs. fisher are sharp, the whole thing is really a little oppressive who can racket to make sure some people who are getting paid on this whole racket are arguing who is doing worse. It would be really fun, however, if things continue to grow and someone shows their work and dismisses another. This is likely to be due to the fact that the SEC on Thursday told both angry people that it could:

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